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  | armor_name   =
  | armor_prot   =
  | armor_hp     =
  | armor_repair =
  | armor_bulk   =
  | armor_get    =
  | armor_looks  =
  | armor_other  =
  | armor_src    =

Use this template on pages describing an armor. The parameters are as follows:

armor_name Name of the armor as it appears in the game. This parameter is required.
armor_prot Protection level of the armor. Default is "unknown".
armor_hp Total durability of the armor. Default is "unknown".
armor_repair Repair modifer of the armor. Default is "unknown".
armor_bulk Bulk rating of the armor. Default is "unknown".
armor_get Where to obtain the armor. Default is "anywhere".
armor_looks Appearance (ascii character) of the armor. You can use <font color="some_color"></font> tags to obtain the correct colour. Default is "unknown".
armor_other Further comments or special remarks. Default is "none".
armor_src Source of the armor: some movie, video game, or even real life, etc. Default is "unknown".

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