Jupiter Hell, spiritual successor to DRL and AliensRL is now on Steam Early Access!

5 August 2019

ChaosForge is extremely happy that Jupiter Hell, the spiritual successor and unofficial DRL sequel is out on Steam Early Access! Get it here and support its development:

Jupiter Hell on Steam Early Access!

Still random, still turn-based, still grid-based but with a modern coat of paint and lacking a certain IP :P.

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Jupiter Hell - DoomRL/AliensRL Spiritual Successor Kickstarter is LIVE!

18 November 2016

Jupiter Hell , the spiritual successor to DoomRL, which merges in elements from AliensRL (deeper hub-like gameplay), has launched on Kickstarter NOW!. Please check out the pitch video, and help us out!

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ChaosForge Donation Drive

30 October 2012

Peril has struck the ‘Forge and we need your help! Head to the ChaosForge forums to read all about it! And know that your name or weapon can be in the next version of AliensRL!

»

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