AliensRL 7DRL PLUSPLUS version released!

22 March 2007

A critical crash bug has been found that made finishing the game impossible. A couple other fixes and tweaks have been added, it is highly recommended you download this new version.

Also this is probably the last of the ++ versions. Further versions might appear as normal versions, but that depends on your support :)

Posted 22 March 2007, 17:00 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

AliensRL 7DRL PLUS version released!

19 March 2007

After playing the game (finaly had time for that :) ) I noticed several imbalances, and the need for two features (among those Danger Level and Look Mode with alien wound information). This is now the recommended version. Head to the download section and have fun!

Posted 19 March 2007, 05:17 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

AliensRL 7DRL version released!

17 March 2007

I am proud to present AliensRL, my entry for the March 7DRL competition. Although I didn’t manage to implement all that I wanted into the game, I still think it satisfies the “playability” requirement, and also is in it’s own way unique.

I could write a lot about it’s development and design features, but why not head to the download section and see it for yourself?

If you like the direction in which this roguelike is heading, please consider making a donation in support of it’s further development, or drop by the forum to share your opinions on it!

A Linux version is possible if there will be enough interest. Sources are ugly, so I keep them for myself :P.

Posted 17 March 2007, 17:00 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

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