AliensRL 0.8.2 Incoming!

5 September 2012

AliensRL 0.8.2 has just left Beta phase and is being prepared for release! Expect a release somewhere during the next two weeks! While we still are working on the major features we wanted to post a progress version to hopefully reestablish interest in AliensRL and bring in more people willing to contribute ideas.

So now you can either wait patiently for the release, join us on facebook where AliensRL-themed updates have been posted recently, or maybe support the striving ChaosForge and join in on the testing of the Release Candidates!

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Posted 5 September 2012, 10:57 by Kornel Kisielewicz · Comment

AliensRL 0.8 Incoming!

28 May 2010

No, AliensRL is not dead! The project has been in a zombie state since 2007, but a few months ago, on the forum a call to beta testers was posted, and beta tests commenced. While work was focused mainly on stabilizing the codebase, several new features managed to sneak in.

AliensRL 0.8 has just entered Release Candidate 1 version, you can expect the release to appear in June!

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Posted 28 May 2010, 13:02 by Kornel Kisielewicz · Comment

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