AliensRL 0.8 RELEASED!

3 June 2010

Just when you thought it was safe… AliensRL 0.8 has been released! Read below for details or check the forum for the ChaosForge announcement. Start downloading from the downloads section now, and don’t forget to come back and donate if you like it!

Detailed information follows…

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AliensRL 0.8 Incoming!

28 May 2010

No, AliensRL is not dead! The project has been in a zombie state since 2007, but a few months ago, on the forum a call to beta testers was posted, and beta tests commenced. While work was focused mainly on stabilizing the codebase, several new features managed to sneak in.

AliensRL 0.8 has just entered Release Candidate 1 version, you can expect the release to appear in June!

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AliensRL 7DRL++ for Linux released!

19 May 2007

I got myself a Linux system running on VMWare, and so the result is a Linux version of AliensRL — head to the downloads section and enjoy!

AliensRL will be continued, so stay tuned for announcements here or on the forum!

Posted 19 May 2007, 04:19 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

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