AliensRL 0.8 RELEASED!

3 June 2010

Just when you thought it was safe… AliensRL 0.8 has been released! Read below for details or check the forum for the ChaosForge announcement. Start downloading from the downloads section now, and don’t forget to come back and donate if you like it!

Detailed information follows…

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This is a RESSURECTION release — the project that was thought to be dead since three years is now not only experiencing a new release, but also back to active development! There are many plans for the future, check out the AliensRL forum and the AliensRL Ressurection blog post for more information on the things to come!

Although this was intended more of a stabilization and update release, several features have made it in, even compared to the AliensRL 0.8 Beta 2. Definitively the most visible one is the fact that AliensRL runs in a full color pseudo-console!

Apart from that there’s a lot of new content — furniture, openable crates and lockers (some locked), new aliens, a new weapon, keylocked doors and proximity doors.

Meta features include a hall of fame, and the ability to both set fullscreen mode and choose your prefered resolution via the aliensrl.ini file. Yes, you can play AliensRL in full-HD :>.

What follows is the full list of changes, split between the intermediate forum-only BETA 2 release, and the current 0.8 release:

-- TR#--- : graphics mode, set parameters in abrl.ini
-- TR#030 : feature - Hall of Fame implemented
-- TR#038 : security and military crates and lockers
-- TR#037 : implemented security and military doors, appear in specific towers
-- TR#037 : security and military keys to be found, especially near corpses
-- TR#039 : implemented openable lockers and crates
-- TR#040 : implemented furniture
-- TR#037 : proximity doors, random door types
-- TR#026 : pain implementation (closes #26)
-- TR#024 : player no longer starts in wall (refs #24)
-- TR#024 : screenshot option added (closes #24)
-- TR#007 : medical tower has normal ":" wall out of los now
-- TR#002 : not all elevators work - some are broken
-- FS#000 : new vision system in-place
-- FS#048 : TAB cycles targets while targeting
-- FS#040 : death happens at 0hp, not < 0hp
-- FS#041 : bleeded barells cannot be turned into walls
-- TR#--- : map hidden except explored
-- TR#011 : items on ground tracked
-- TR#--- : a lot new critters!
-- TR#--- : new item and being randomizers
-- TR#--- : shooting weapons with untrained skill incurs additional -1 penalty
-- TR#--- : run command implemented
-- TR#--- : balance - minimum 1 damage for most weapons, +1 to aim
-- TR#--- : 5 room types with rarites dependant on tower
-- TR#--- : a lot of tweaks to the level generator
-- TR#--- : commandline switches (-nosound, -nomusic, -fullscreen)
-- TR#--- : save on crash implemented (yay)
-- TR#009 : armor dropping ("D") possible now
-- TR#010 : pulse rifle has now 99 magazine
-- TR#--- : fix - screenshots in mortem are no longer rotated
-- TR#--- : color - preatorians are lightmagenta, shells are yellow
-- TR#--- : maxHP changed to 100
-- TR#--- : items are now mostly found near corpses
-- TR#--- : sound on windows moved to FMOD
-- TR#--- : autotargeting doesn't remember suicide targeting
-- TR#008 : grenade launcher upped
-- TR#--- : m42 scoped rifle added
-- TR#--- : level generation made a lot faster
-- TR#--- : data moved out of the code
0.8 (BETA 2)
-- fixed radiation damage
-- fixed grenade count on char screen
-- proper music when loading
-- added a unused experience dingbat
-- made inc grenades more common
-- added remembering of last target
-- save/load added!
-- typo fixed
-- max medpacks reduced to 5
-- medpack use in combat is half effective
-- radiation made more deadly
-- radiation suits
-- added exploding fuel barrels
-- master skill levels unlocked
-- heavy weapons master skill added
-- sidearms master skill added
-- medical master skill added
-- light weapons master skill added
-- temporary technical master skill added
-- initial grenade capacity = 3/type
-- fitness increases grenade capacity by 1/level
-- implemented inc grenades
-- varied starting ammo/medcount between classes